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Who are we
Vianex S.A. was established in 1924. Vianex S.A. is the leading pharmaceutical company in Greece with 4,1% of the total Greek pharmaceutical market in ex-factory prices for the products we represent in Greece. 

Therapeutic Areas
Products from the following therapeutic categories :
Antiulcerants, Anti-infectives, Antiinflammatory, Cardiovascular, Hospital Products, Immunosuppressive Agents, Oncology, Dermatology, Ophthalmics, Vaccines.

Target groups
Our company consists of 1,110 employees, 510 of them working as salesmen and marketeers. We have an excellent distribution department and we distribute the products of each firm we represent to all pharmaceutical wholesalers (110), all State Hospitals (152) and all pharmaceutical cooperatives. We also sell to the main pharmacies all over Greece ( 7,800 pharmacies from the total existing today 9,700) through our sister company Vian S.A.


factory a
syrups, drops
candies (incl. medical)
ointments, creams, gels
sterile products (dry of liquid injectables)
powders (external / internal use)
eye, ear drops

factory b
all forms of coated tablets
chewable tablets
vaginal tablets
hard tablets

factory c
freeze dried injectables in vails
liquid injectables in vials
oral liquids
solutions for external use

factory d
cephalosporin antibiotics
injectables, capsules, syrups

Business Units
Rx, OTC's, Toll-manufacturing. Our R&D Department is divided into three divisions :Clinical Trials Department - Regulatory Affairs Department - Medical Services