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Vifor Pharma

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Who are we
Vifor Pharma is a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company and affiliate of the Galenica Group, Switzerland.
Vifor Pharma International is a fully integrated specialty pharma group headquartered in Zurich and having an increasingly global presence..
In Switzerland, Vifor Pharma operates for its prescription medicines in two business units, Iron and Specialties, and markets successfully products developed by Vifor Pharma or sold under license. Vifor Pharma is present with leading products in a variety of therapeutic areas.
Vifor Pharma Consumer Healthcare Switzerland is the third OTC Company in Switzerland with leading brands as Algifor, Perskindol, Triofan, Equazen, Anti-Brumm, Otalgan.
Vifor Pharma provides full service for the Swiss home market covering registration, medical support, marketing and distribution through its own sales force or key account management.
Its licensing-in department offers scientific registration and support in the Rx and OTC segments.
Vifor in Switzerland is also specialiced in toll-manufacturing, galenic development, manufacturing and marketing of Rx, OTC and Parapharmacy in all solid forms and granulates slow release form, creams, ointments, gels, lotions and suppositories.  
Therapeutic Areas
Allergy, CNS, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Infectious diseases, Iron-Deficiency, Neurology, Oncology supportive care, Paediatrics, Pain, Respiratory, Opthalmology and Phytotherapy.
Target Groups
GP’s and specialists, pharmacies and drugstores.